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healing the HCAHPS experience

We passionately believe that to improve the quality of care, the patient's voice must drive decision making.



Fixed pricing subscription model with no long term contracts


ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant, and HiTrust aligned


Approved for mail, phone, and web

guaranteed compliance  up to 300 completes annually

mixed mode

  • mail - core cahps survey, welcome letter with color logo, signature, survey images, 3 years physical retention

  • phone - access to call recordings

  • web - included beginning with 1.1.25 discharges

data access

  • submission - secure transmission to CMS for compliance

  • facility - csv or xml response file to your hospital

  • reporting - rich PowerBI dashboards with filtering and trending


  • simple random sampling - performed weekly or monthly to achieve required completes

  • census - only used if patient population falls below minimum threshold

 introductory offer only  $1,999/mo 

(w/annual prepay, 10% discount for additional cahps services, 20% up-charge for pay-as-you-go)


simplifying the HCAHPS process

DG is now a CMS-approved HCAHPS vendor for print, web, and phone survey modes. These three CMS certifications facilitate the expansion of our direct-service offering to local and community hospitals. The new offering is a fast, secure, and cost-effective way for this market to remain compliant and enable the patient’s voice to drive decision-making.  After a year-long study, we discovered that local and community hospitals have unmet needs. As a small business competing fiercely in a market historically dominated by billion-dollar, publicly traded corporations, DG Insights is passionate about helping community hospitals even the playing field.

why us

DG Insights has married automation, subscription-based packaging, and excellent customer service without long-term contracts or commitments to deliver something truly unique in the market. Providers of all sizes can benefit from innovations and capabilities previously only available to health systems with the deepest pockets.

learn more about patient experience

pride in our numbers





sqft state-of-the-art facilities

of top patient experience firms serviced

successful CMS audits

patients reached annually


our difference

With a rich history of operational excellence, we leverage multimodal (mail, phone, and web) experiential surveys for healthcare organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms.  Over the past year, DG Insights has reached 60 million patients while collecting and synthesizing timely patient-experience data into actionable insights. These valuable insights enable healthcare providers to better understand their patients and improve the healthcare journey.

about us

We are an HCAHPS certified vendor servicing community hospitals and focusing on collecting data to efficiently make valid comparisons, improve quality of care for patients, and enhance accountability.

We operate a commercial-grade print facility, scalable call center,
and state-of-the-art electronic surveying platform. Our team provides end to end solutions, security processes control, project customization, and robust reporting.

We passionately believe that to improve the quality of care,
the patient's voice must drive decision making.

“DG's data is first-rate, and their team truly know the healthcare regulatory space.”





let’s work together

2074 E Park Drive NE, Conyers GA, 30013

Tel: 770.972.2354

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